Longwood Soccer Club Independence Cup

1.1. The tournament shall be open to all teams properly registered and who have paid the fees to participate in an age group listed in the “Tournament Rules”.
1.2. Tournament officials may conduct credentials checks at initial arrival at the tournament grounds at the registration tent.
1.3. At the field before each game. Teams must be available for check-in with the referee or field marshal 5 minutes prior to the scheduled game time.
1.4. A coach may designate an alternate Adult Supervisor (person over the age of 21) to supervise the team in their place should they have scheduling conflicts between games.
1.4.1. All adults that may be called on to act as Adult Supervisors in lieu of the coach must present themselves to the tournament staff upon arrival, and before supervising any match.
1.4.2. All Adult Supervisors must present a Valid New York State ID (Driver’s License or Non-Driver ID) card which shall be copied.
1.5. Adult are intended to support the coach who is attending to other games or tournament matters. All coaches must stay on the tournament grounds during all games for which they are the registered coach, except in the event of a medical emergency.
1.6. There will be no roster changes and/or additions once a team’s first tournament game has started.

2.1. In no event will a player be allowed to participate who has not been certified by the tournament registrar. Tournament officials have the right to demand Proof of Age for any player included on the roster. Players are required to always carry Proof of Age with them during the event. To register as a girls’ team all players must attest that they are identifying as female and done so since the beginning of the current soccer season.
2.2. Players may not play for more than one team in the tournament.
2.3. AGE DETERMINATION: A players age is determined by the chart below:

Maximum Roster - 6

Age Division

U15 Girls and Boys

U14 Girls and Boys

U13 Girls and Boys

2.4. Documentation required at initial registration:
2.4.1. Roster – Printed from on-line system
2.4.2. Liability Waivers (Players & Coaches)
2.4.3. All players must be able to provide proof of age. Documents that will be accepted (but not collected) are. Player ID card, verified, from a National Soccer governing body. USYS, US Club, AYSO Birth Certificate Passport Driver’s license or Learners Permit Other governmental identification
2.5. Arrange player passes/proof of age documents/ Waiver Forms in alphabetical order to match roster.
2.6. All teams will only be allowed a maximum of two guest players.
2.7. The tournament is open to New York State Teams only.

3.1. Coaches are required to sign the game card indicating that only rostered players will participate in the match, and all player equipment complies with the tournament rules.
3.2. The first team to sign the game card will be considered the home team for that match.
3.3. Each team is limited to two (2) coaches on the bench, all of which must have picture identification.
3.4. A player who arrives late at the playing field after the pre-game procedure may enter the game once the referee verifies the player is eligible and with the permission of the referee.
3.5. Only at the pre-game procedure may a player be challenged by an opposing manager/coach. Challenged player(s) will be noted by the Referee on the game report and will be allowed to participate in the game.
3.6. A late arriving player may be challenged at the time he/she is allowed to participate by the Referee.

4.1. If the referee believes that, in his/her opinion, a player has suffered a head injury or possible concussion, the match must be stopped IMMEDIATELY. The injured player, if able to leave the field on their own, must be escorted to their coach and the coach must be told that the player cannot return for the duration of the match. If a trainer is brought onto the field because the player is incapacitated, the referee must still notify the coach that the player cannot return to the game. It is the responsibility of the coach and the player’s parent(s) or legal guardians to seek medical attention. The player may not resume participation in the tournament until he/she has been cleared by a medical doctor. The Referee HAS NO FURTHER responsibility beyond removing the player from the match in which the player was injured.
4.2. The referee must ensure, that UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES or due to the appeal from any coaching staff that the player is allowed to return to the game in which they were injured.
4.3. A coach who permits a player, previously removed from the field under the concussion protocol, to participate in a match prior to clearance from a medical doctor, shall be expelled from the tournament.

5.1. LAW 1: Field of Play
5.1.1. Recommended size and markings will be:
5.1.2. GOALS - Four (4) feet by Eight (8) feet
5.1.3. FIELD All Ages: Width 20 Yards x Length 30 Yards
5.1.4. GOAL AREA - Ten (10) feet wide Six (6) feet deep
5.1.5. MARKINGS - The field of play shall be marked with distinctive lines, not more than five inches (5”) in width. A halfway line shall be marked out across the field of play. The center of the field of play shall be indicated by a nine-inch (9”) circle and a ten (10) foot radius shall be marked around it.
5.2. LAW 2: The Ball
5.2.1. All Ages will use Size 5 futsal ball.
5.2.2. Only Tournament Provided balls may be used.
5.3. LAW 3: Number of Players
5.3.1. Maximum on Roster: Six (6) players
5.3.2. Minimum players on field: Two (2) players
5.3.3. Maximum players on during play: Three (3) players
5.3.4. No Goalkeeper
5.3.5. Unlimited Substitutions at game stoppage. The substitute shall not enter the field of play until the player he/she is replacing has left and; Only after receiving a signal from the referee.
5.4. LAW 4: Players’ Equipment
5.4.1. Player equipment must conform to FIFA rules. All players will wear shin-guards (under the socks).
5.4.2. Orthopedic casts are not permitted.
5.4.3. Soft braces can be worn so long as they do not pose a hazard to any participant in the tournament. The referee shall make the final decision on player equipment safety issues.
5.4.4. Teams are to wear uniforms of matching design and color with a minimum of six (6) inch numbers affixed to the back of the uniform. No two (2) players may have identical uniform numbers.
5.4.5. Teams should have a second color jersey available to change in case of conflict.
5.4.6. In case of similar team colors, the designated home team per section three (3) will be required to change to a color acceptable to the referee. In case of a jersey color conflict with both teams, the referee shall change into a non-conflicting color.
5.4.7. No jewelry will be allowed except: Religious and medical items as defined by FIFA These items must be taped to the body to reduce hazards to players.
5.5. LAW 5: The Referee
5.5.1. One (1) certified Referee will be used.
5.5.2. Referees are required to submit a completed official tournament specific game report to the Site Director containing any information relating to any game incidents involving players/coach, spectator misconduct, or injuries.
5.6. LAW 6: The Assistant Referee
5.6.1. None are required
5.7. LAW 7: The Duration of the Match
5.7.1. All Age Groups One 20 minute Period No Halftime No Added time
5.7.2. The game shall end if a team reaches a total of 12 goals scored regardless of the goal difference with the opposing team.
5.8. Law 8: The Start and Restart of Play
5.8.1. The home team as determined in Section 3 shall decide which half of the field to defend and the opponent will kick-off.
5.8.2. A goal may NOT be scored directly from a kick-off.
5.8.3. Kick-offs may be taken in any direction.
5.8.4. The Player performing the Kick-off may stand in the opponent’s half of the field within playing distance of the ball.
5.9. Law 9: The Ball, In and Out of Play
5.9.1. The ball will be considered out of play when the whole of the ball has passed the whole of the sideline or end line not between the goalposts and under the crossbar.
5.9.2. A ball out of play on the sideline will result in a kick in awarded to the opposing team of the player who last touched the ball from the point where the ball left the field.
5.9.3. A Corner kick will be awarded to the attacking team if the ball crosses over the end line, not between the goalposts and beneath the crossbar, and was last touched by a defender.
5.9.4. A Goal kick will be awarded to the defending team if the ball crosses over the end line, not between the goalposts and beneath the crossbar, and was last touched by a attacker.
5.10. Law 10: The Method of Scoring
5.10.1. Goals may only be scored from the offensive half of the field (See #1 on attached diagram)
5.10.2. A goal is scored when the whole of the ball passes over the end line beneath the crossbar and between the goalposts from dynamic play, a penalty or corner kick.
5.10.3. A goal may not be scored from a kick in, Kick-off, or against oneself from directly from a goal kick.
5.11. Law 11: Offside
5.11.1. Offside offenses do not apply in this soccer format.
5.12. Law 12: Fouls and Misconduct
5.12.1. Goal Area Violation The plane of the goal area extends upwards indefinitely If a defending player touches/kicks or otherwise stops the ball in the goal area a goal will be awarded. If an attacking player touches the ball or the ball comes to rest in the goal area an indirect free kick will be awarded to the defending team from any point in the goal area. (See #2 on attached diagram) It is not a violation to traverse any part of the goal area without touching/kicking or otherwise stopping the ball. No slide tackles are permitted. Players may slide to stop a ball if contact with another player is not made. Penalty: 1st warning and Indirect Kick for opponent from point of the foul. Repeat offense by the same player may result in a caution.
5.12.2. Player Send off (Red Card) Referees have the right to eject a player from the game for continued disobedience or because of an incident that warrants a player being sent off. Player may be replaced with an eligible roster player. Teams will still play with 3 players on the field. Player ejected shall be suspended a MINIMUM of 1 additional game up to the duration of the event. Should a team receive a second red card during the same game, the match shall be terminated in favor of the opponent. The final score shall be recorded as either the actual score at the time of termination or 6-0 in favor of the aggrieved team. The score that creates the largest positive goal differential for the offended team shall be posted as official. Coaches are responsible to assure that Players sent off the field refrain from participating in any matches which they have been suspended.
5.12.3. Any Disciplinary action taken against an Adult Supervisor, shall be accumulated on the coach that he/she is representing.
5.13. Law 13: Free Kicks (See #3 on attached diagram)
5.13.1. All free kicks will be indirect with the exceptions of corner and penalty kicks
5.13.2. No defender may be closer than five (5) yards
5.13.3. Free kicks must be spotted no closer than five (5) yards to the goal area.
5.13.4. The 5-yard requirement is automatic. Neither team must request the distance.
5.13.5. A player failing to move the required 5 yards may be cautioned by the referee.
5.13.6. The team taking the kick may kick before the opponent retreats the distance
5.14. Law 14: The Penalty Kick (See #6 on attached diagram)
5.14.1. Penalty kicks are DIRECT kicks taken from the center of the mid-line with all players, from both teams, except the kicker behind the mid-line and not in the center circle.
5.14.2. A Penalty Kick shall be awarded if, in the referee’s opinion, a scoring opportunity was nullified by an infraction.
5.14.3. The infraction may result in a red card but does not automatically.
5.14.4. Penalty kicks are dead ball infractions. If a goal is not scored, the defense obtains possession with a goal kick.
5.15. Law 15: The Throw-in (See #5 on attached diagram)
5.15.1. There will be no throw ins. The throw-in will be replaced by a kick-in.
5.15.2. The Kick-in is an Indirect Free kick
5.15.3. Defenders must retreat five (5) yards from the spot of the kick
5.16. Law 16: The Goal Kick (See #7 on attached diagram)
5.16.1. All goal kicks will be taken by placing the ball on any point on the end line outside of the Goal Area
5.16.2. Defenders must retreat five (5) yards from the spot of the kick.
5.17. Law 17: The Corner Kick (See #8 on attached diagram)
5.17.1. The ball must be placed inside the corner arc.
5.17.2. No defender may be closer than five (5) yards from the spot of the kick.
5.17.3. A goal may be scored against the opponent directly from a corner kick.

6.1. The tournament is a Round Robin Format without playoffs.
6.1.1. At the end of play the team that has amassed the most points shall be declared the winner.
6.1.2. Points shall be awarded as follows. 3 points for a Win 1 Point for a Draw 0 Points for a Loss
6.2. All teams are scheduled for a minimum of 9 games.
6.3. Games are scheduled with 20 minutes break between games.
6.4. In the event that a team’s immediately preceding game ended after the scheduled start of the current game, the referee, at their sole discretion, may allow up to three minutes delay to start the game.

7.1. Players, substitutes, managers, coaches, and fans are expected to conduct themselves within the letter and spirit of “The Laws of the Game.”
7.2. Field Marshals’ have the authority and the responsibility to remove any person(s) from the tournament for abuses of conduct, in addition to any specific disciplinary action brought about by any other authority.
7.3. In addition to good manners, the following rules will apply to the tournament:
7.3.1. The Field Marshal will designate one sideline to be for the sole use of the players listed on the game roster and a maximum total of two (2) managers/coaches/trainers from each team, with one team occupying one side of the mid field and one team, the other. While the game is in progress the manager/coach/trainer and substitutes must remain on their respective bench areas and may not roam the sidelines.
7.3.2. Field Marshal will designate the opposite sideline for the spectators. No one will be allowed behind either end line.
7.3.5. The coach will be responsible for the behavior of their fans and the referee will have the authority to warn, and ultimately send off, any coach whose fans behave in an abusive or disruptive manner.
7.3.6. Any sanctions earned by an Adult Supervisor shall be reflected on the Coach that registered that team and any assistant coaches in turn.

8.1. As a mutual courtesy, both teams will meet at the center circle and congratulate each other for a game well played, unless directed otherwise by the referee.
8.2. The Coaches of both teams will ensure their respective sideline areas are clean and that all trash is in containers.
8.3. At the end of each game, a team representative must sign/initial the game report.
8.4. A completed game report will be submitted to the tournament director and will include any send-offs, injuries or special circumstances that need explanation.

9.1. The Tournament will have a Discipline Committee of no less than three (3) members. The Discipline Committee will review and rule on all reports of unacceptable conduct by players, manager, coaches, referees, spectators, etc.
9.2. A player, manager, or coach ejected will have an automatic minimum one (1) game suspension regardless of the cause of the ejection.
9.3. Depending on the severity of the unacceptable conduct, the Discipline Committee may recommend the suspension of up to the duration of the tournament.
9.4. The Discipline Committee recommendations will be available to the affected parties no later than before their next scheduled game.
9.5. No personnel shall be entitled to a refund of any fees paid if they are removed from the tournament through the disciplinary process.

10.1. There will be no overtime periods.
10.2. Standings in a division will be determined by Game Points:
10.2.1. 3 points for a Win
10.2.2. 1 point for a Tie
10.2.3. 0 points for a Loss.

11. Tie Breaking Procedure
11.1. To determine ranking at the end of play the following tie breaking rules will be applied.
11.1.1. Head-to-head result; if no clear winner,
11.1.2. Net goal differential, maximum of twelve (12) goals per game; if no clear winner,
11.1.3. Most goals scored, maximum of twelve (12) goals per game, if no clear winner,
11.1.4. Least goals allowed maximum of twelve (12) goals per game, if no clear winner,
11.1.5. Minus 1 Game Point for each Red Card/Send-off, if no clear winner
11.1.6. Coin-Flip* (the team that registered for the tournament first shall call the coin)
11.1.7. If more than two teams are involved in a tie, tie breaker number 11.1.2 (except in the case of example 3) will be used first to rank the teams.
11.1.8. If teams are still tied, tie breaker number 11.1.3 will be used to rank the teams, and so on until a tie is broken.
11.1.9. Once a team has been ranked higher or lower, the tie breaking procedure begins for the remaining tied teams with number 1.
11.1.10. If more than two teams are still tied after tie breaker number 5 the team that applied first will sit out.
11.1.11. The other two teams will then compete in a coin-flip as described in 11.1.6 to establish a winner.
11.1.12. The winner of this will then compete in a coin-flip with the team sitting out, the winner will advance.
11.2. Tie Breaking examples.
11.2.1. Example 1: Three teams have 6 points and have all defeated each other. Team 1 has a goal differential of +6, team 2 is +4 and team 3 is +2. Team 1 is 1st, team 2 is 2nd, and team 3 is 3rd.
11.2.2. Example 2: Three teams have 6 points and have all defeated each other. Team 1 has a goal differential of +6, team 2 is +4 and team 3 is +4. Team 1 is 1st, Team 3 defeated team 2 therefore team 3 is 2nd and team 2 is 3rd.
11.2.3. Example 3: Three teams have 6 points and Team 1 has defeated the other two. Team 1 will be the winner. The tie breaking procedure begins for the remaining tied teams with number 1.

12.1. Games must start at the given start time unless delay is authorized by the referee or tournament officials.
12.2. In case the team does not have the minimum number of players there will be up to a three (3) minutes grace period.
12.3. At that time the Tournament Director may extend the wait time based on unforeseen circumstances or decide to declare a forfeit and award the victory to the other team.
12.4. A forfeit will be scored 12-0.
12.5. The tournament discipline committee will review the circumstances of the forfeit and may add additional penalties such as:
12.6. Not allowing the team to be declared a winner or runner-up for the division.
12.7. Forfeit one you forfeit all. The forfeiting team may play all remaining Group Play matches (using referee) as official exhibitions.
12.8. The decision of the committee will be final.

13.1. There will be NO PROTESTS.
13.2. All disputes will be resolved during the day by the Field Marshals and Tournament Director.
13.3. These decisions will be final.

14.1. Players and coaches must be on the field at the scheduled time, ready to play.
14.2. If the tournament Director declares a weather emergency, teams will be directed to leave the fields and retreat to safety. They will be advised when the tournament will resume.
14.3. In case of inclement weather or field conditions, games may:
14.3.1. Be shortened - The Tournament Director may reduce the length of matches due to weather conditions before the start of a match; all such matches will be considered official.
14.3.2. Be rescheduled (time and location determined by Tournament Director)
14.3.3. Be canceled.
14.3.4. Only referees or the Field Marshall can suspend a match already started due to weather conditions.

15.1. Games terminated for other than inclement weather, i.e., violent, or uncontrollable situations will not be replayed.
15.2. The decision as to the score of such games will be made by the Tournament Discipline Committee after receiving reports from game officials.
15.3. The decision of the Committee will be final and is binding on all parties.
15.4. Further disciplinary actions may be taken.
15.5. In the event a referee terminates a match (different from temporarily suspending), before half the allotted time is played, it will be up to the Tournament Director whether to record the score at the time of the termination or finish the game at a rescheduled time and/or location.
15.6. In the event a referee terminates a match (different from suspending) after half the allotted game time the game will be declared official, and the score will be recorded.
15.7. If it is determined that one team is the sole cause for termination of a game, that team will be considered to have forfeited that game, with the score recorded as (12-0) regardless of the amount of time played.

16.1. As soon as the final rankings for the top four places in each division are beyond dispute the Tournament Director may summon teams to appear for the awards ceremony.

17.1. Neither Longwood Youth Sports Association (LYSA), the Tournament Committee, will be responsible for any expense incurred by any team due to the cancellation in part or whole of this tournament.
17.2. The tournament committee’s interpretation of the foregoing rules and regulation shall be final and reserves the right to decide on all tournament matters.
17.3. If not enough teams are realized within a specific age bracket, the Tournament Director shall notify the participants as soon as possible and the participants given the option to play up or to receive a full refund.
17.4. Longwood Youth Sports Association is not responsible for the behavior of players, coaches, and spectators off the field, or damages resulting from such behavior. Coaches and players committing breaches of the law may be ejected from the tournament at the discretion of the tournament committee and may be subject to further prosecution.

NO PETS ARE ALLOWED ON SCHOOL PROPERTY. Service dogs are permitted provided they are always accompanied by a handler with the appropriate certification.