Intramural Progam (Ages 3-8)

Intramural Coordinator -          Lauren Broere, email:

Our Intramural program begins at age 3 and runs through ages 7/8. Divisions start with "Pee Wee" and go through "D division" with games played on Sundays at the Longwood Middle School.

Boys and girls are mixed on each team in a co-ed format.

All Intramural teams should be practicing once each week with their Coach(es), based on the availibility of the Volunteer Coach. In the recreational soccer program, the emphasis should always be on fun and good sportsmanship. Through playing and training, the players will learn the basics of ball control, but most importantly, Teamwork.

No scoring is recorded and there are no standings based on Wins or Loses. Intramural soccer is a non-competitive, educational and fun league to develop future players for our Travel Leagues.

Parents are expected to act accordingly with Coaches, Referees and opposing teams to promote good sportsmanship and an appropriate playing atmosphere for the children.

To help promote "Good Sportsmanship" throughout the Fall and Spring seasons, all referees fill out an evaluation sheet after each game. At the end of the Spring season the team with the highest scores in each division are honored with special medals.

All players are also given trophies at our annual "Parade Day" at the end of the spring season.


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 IF YOU ALREADY HAVE OUR UNIFORM, you do not need to order a new one.

Here are the instructions for ordering IN HOUSE INTRAMURAL kits ( ages 3-7/8 )

Uniform consists of Reversible green/white Jersey, Black Shorts and Green Socks.

Customer Service Phone: 646-416-9826
Customer Service Hours: Monday-Friday 10am-5pm
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Intramural Registration

Registration is online, please use the registration link above to register your child to play. Games are played on Sunday's only at the Longwood Middle School. Practice days and times are arranged by the Volunteer Coach(es) of your assigned team. All players are required to purchase a uniform using the "Uniform" link above. Soccer ball, cleats, and shin guards are purchased by the parents separately. All players will be given a Protective head band by their coach at the first game of the season. Protective head bands are provided one per registration, players will be unable to play soccer without it.

No Refund Policy

The Longwood Soccer Program has a no refund policy as of 2-weeks prior to the start of the season. The start of the season refers to the day prior to the first game of the season. If you sign-up for multiple seasons for the lower discounted rate, no refund will be given at all after the day prior to the first game of in-house season.