Interleague Program (Suffolk Soccer Interleague program)

Interleague Coordinator - Ken Tax, email:

Interleague Teams are created by birth year and roster availability by the Interleague Coordinator (Who will reach out to after you register to put your child on a team).


Uniform ordering will be coordinated through your Coach. Please reach out to them for more information.

Click the below image to go to the SSI - Suffolk Soccer Interleague website for more details about the Interleague program and our SSI partnership.

SSI - Suffolk Soccer Interleague
Girls Interleague teams
Tigers G2013-14 - Coach Mark Lehmann
Wildcats G2011-13 - Coach Amber Aponte

Boys Interleague teams

Tornadoes B2006-08 - Coach Janeth Rodriguez
Tsunami B2009-12  - Coach Ken Tax
Panthers B2011-12 - Coach Joseph Brewer

Bobcats B2013-14 - Coach Tiffany Russo-MaloneLeopards

B2014 - Coach Nicholas Nicotra

Games are played on Saturdays and Sundays depending on their age group.

Our goal is get our Players and Teams into our Travel Program to prepare them for Jr. & H.S. Soccer and a College level of competitiveness. Players who wish to, can continue to play in the less competitive Interleague program.

Our Interleague program is a non-competitive league for those who wish to continue in our Intramural level of play. Interleague players participate in the Suffolk Soccer Interleague with no recorded standings or scores. Players are placed on teams with varing mixed ages from age 8/9 up to 18 years of age to form teams (if teams are available).

We make every effort to field teams at every age level for both girls’ and boys’. If we are unable to field a team we will notify you as soon as we can, as we make every effort possible for every child to play to their level. If your child wishes to play, we suggest you register early and encourage your friends to join as well. Also note that there may be additional costs with interleague soccer teams as your coach should hire a professional trainer. Our coaches are volunteers, they make every effort to develop your child’s skills, however, some coaches and teams have opted to hire a trainer either weekly or bi-weekly. The cost of the trainer is shared by the entire team, no matter if you are at the practice or not. To further your childs development in soccer, we encourage our coaches to register their teams for tournaments. Tournaments are paid for by the parents of the team or may be substituted by fundraiser funds. Happy playing!

No Refund Policy

The Longwood Soccer Program has a no refund policy as of the last day of January and the last day of the first week of July of each calendar year. We do not refund after teams are formed. Please make sure you can conform to your child's coaches schedule for practices and you can attend the games on the weekend.


What is Risk Management (Background Check)?

Eastern New York Youth Soccer Association has a Risk Management Policy to communicate guidelines and related materials that are intended to foster safe experiences, and initiate risk management registration and background checks for adults participating in US Youth Soccer activities through its affiliated member organizations. Therefore, adults (18 years and older) participating in ENYYSA sanctioned activities must have a background check.

Am I required to do Risk Management?

All Longwood Soccer Club (LYSA Soccer) coaches are required to perform the Risk Management procedure. This will be completed through the GotSport website.

Do I have to do this every year?

No. It is done every two years.

Does Longwood Soccer Club (LYSA) reimburse me for the Risk Management Fee?

No, Longwood Soccer Club (LYSA) is not able to reimburse our coaches the current fee of $18.00 to take care of your Risk Management requirements.

Where do I go to take care of Risk Management requirements so that I can coach for Longwood Soccer?

Once the Pre-Travel coordinator enters your information into the GotSport system, you will either receive a link or the coordinator will provide you with your login credentials to log into GotSport. Besides doing your background check, you will be required to do a disqualification review, and watch Safe Sport videos. All of these requirements are needed to be a coach in the LYSA soccer system.

How do I know when my background check is completed?

In the requirements section in GotSport, all requirements will show fulfilled once completed.

What if I have a question about the Background Check?

Please contact the Pre-Travel coordinator if you have any concerns or questions.